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Although I have been an avid bead-maker, I have realized recently that it is getting harder and harder to find beads at a fair price. The thing I love about your site is that it allows me to get many beads for a price that beats out any competition. I will definitely continue to shop here as my business is growing and I need to maintain a steady inventory.
- Debra Wallace

One thing that I always worry about when I am ordering anything from the internet is that I might not get it in a good amount of time. Needless to say, I was absolutely shocked when I received my beads from beadsbard.com not only by the day I expected them, but a few days before! They didn't even charge extra for this.
- Martha Freedman

If you are looking for quality beads that will look wonderful on expensive items, and haven't been lucky finding them, then you will love beadsbard.com and the great selection. The items are always top quality and definitely worth the price, which I might add is one of the best on the internet!
- Joshua Manches

After receiving my beads in a shorter time then I expected, I am definitely going to order more!
- Jennifer Hudley

I expected good quality beads and items, but instead got some of the highest quality I've ever seen.
- Marcus Runun

I never expected to find beads at such a fair and ideal price. I can maintain my bead shop inventory now!
- Bradley Copper

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Ribbon Necklaces - Black Lace Ribbon / Multicolor Beads

These gorgeous ribbon necklaces add a bit of quirky flare to your average outfit. The handcrafted glass heart-shaped beads are set on a soft silk ribbon. Their coloring is a blend of color and black and white, featuring red, sky blue, black, white, and lime green colors, with a kind of funky twisty design. Perfectly offset by the unexpected touch of the black organza ribbon, the overall look is intriguing and fun no matter what the occasion. These colorful silver foil heart beads and glass pearl beads are made by hand, set on an organza ribbon of sheer, shimmering black silk 19 inches in ...

Key Pendant - Tibetan Silver / Red

Tibetan silver alloy pendants are sure to be a hit, regardless if their shape and size. This key-shaped pendant is no different. Designers will fall in love with its simplicity almost as quickly as they will with its red copper-colored finish. Pendants measure 23 mm long, 9 mm wide, and 2 mm thick with a 2 mm hole and have been certified lead-, nickel-, and cadmium-free. Pendants are sold in packages containing 1000 pieces. ...

Welcome to Beadsbarn! We provide our customers with a large selection of beads and jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices. All our products are of the highest quality in China, and we ship them internationally. Some other beads and jewelry making supplies are imported from the main manufacturing countries like India, Bali, Turkey, and USA because some countries have better quality in different materials, and we are committed to offer always the best quality to our customer. Beads make an excellent gift because they are something really cheap to buy, but those receiving the gift will truly appreciate the fact that you made the gift for them instead of just buying. However, beads are not only suitable for gifts, they are also a good way to use your spare time in making handcrafts which is one of the healthiest and most profitable hobbies you can have. The art of making necklaces, rings, bracelets or any other jewelry with beads is not something difficult to learn; actually it is very easy to master and the only thing you need is time. One of the most interesting facts of jewelry making is that the design range is infinite. We literally have thousands of different beads and jewelry making supplies with different sizes, shapes, and colors, so it is nearly impossible that you will not find the one you are looking for. The most common are just beads, but beads alone do not make great jewelry, and this is why we also offer a wide range of strings, chains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, charms, and many other accessories for jewelry making. Our catalogue is not static and we are adding more and more products every week, so, even if you checked out the whole site, do not forget to check the new models from time to time. Beads and the other jewelry making supplies are mostly used to create custom jewelry, but they can also be used in other kind of handcrafts like knitting or crochet. No matter if you are a professional or a skilled craftsperson, or just a person who wants to learn a hobby just for fun and creating something, our wide range of beads will fulfill all of your needs. However, you may not be interested in making handcrafts, but in reselling them for wholesale prices. If that is the case we also have a custom service for companies or importers who want to buy a large amount of beads and the other jewelry making supplies, offering a very competitive price and convenient logistic solutions. Feel free to contact our customer support for any question about wholesale or any other inquiries, as we are happy to help and guide you if you need any additional information.
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